23 July 2016

Say goodbye to the turkey!

This time of year everyone wants to know the best way to shed the spare tyre built up over Christmas. Well if you’re still struggling here it is.

I’ll only be addressing exercise in this post. Suffice to say diet, sleep and stress are also factors. If you get one of these wrong it can scupper your chances. The frequency of training mentioned below is based on a minimum effective dose (for those who would rather not do more).


1. Hypertrophy

Train with free weights for hypertrophy twice a week. Compound movements for the whole body at a rep range of 8-12 for 2-5 sets.

Why? Hypertrophy work demands a lot of muscle repair which increases your body’s calorie demand for up to 3 days. The benefit of the result of hypertrophy training (more muscle) also increases your calorie demand. More muscle needs more fuel.



High intensity intervals 3 times per week. 20 second full out on an exercise bike for 3-5 rounds, rest for 2-3 mins between each one.

Why? Interval training increases insulin sensitivity. Insulin is the hormone responsible for fat storage. So by interval training you produce less and store less fat.


3. Non panting cardio

Long slow cardio for 90mins every day. Yep, you heard me.

Why? Bodybuilders have been using this for years but it’s still questioned by the fitness industry as to whether it works or is worth it. Let me put it this way, the less time spent sitting on your ass the better. Any increase in activity above resting will be better for burning fat. No brainer. The catch, however, is that this activity should not interfere with recovery from hypertrophy or sprint sessions, so nothing that would give you DOMs. Around 90mins of low intensity exercise has been shown to have a significant effect on blood fat levels the following day. I’d recommend a brisk walk outside as it also reduces stress levels.


Last word

Remember to make good choices with your food, sleep well, spend time relaxing and you’ll be well on your way to a pre-Christmas body.


Coach Dom Kinsey

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